Wednesday, May 26, 2010

When we say

really obsessed with this song recently. it's another talented guy called AJ Rafeal. not sure whether he is a america born philipino guy or born in Philippines but that's not important. the truth is he is talented, having great skills in playing piano and guitar, song writing makes him even better.

<<>> by AJ RAfael + Wong Fu production...WOoT !!! enjoy


Thursday, May 13, 2010

so what can i say

yea, indeed this term is really a challenge for me but God is always there for me, people may fail you but He won't and music is always there for me. cant deny the fact even tough after i stop playing piano for quite some years, music is still the best medication. love worship, enjoy the music and HIS presence. even till now, never give up the idea of buying a crystal made baby grand, putting it in the center of my house next time, hoping that after a long day of work, i still can enjoy myself in the melody which sums up my whole day.

love my life right now, ups and downs, joy and disappointment but it's just part of life, doing what i am supposed to do, try to live my life to the fullest as i can for HIM and my family. miss blogging sometimes, that is why i still blog. ha...uni life is great, preparing me for another stage of my life in the future, stand still till the end cause i know He is always there for me.

* argh...cant find a pic of crystal baby grand.... well, leave you guys with a song. enjoy...


Tuesday, April 13, 2010

熬夜 by 陳穎見


this song suddenly comes through my mind again after so long. it used to be my favorite song when i was in secondary, it has lots of meaning to me, reminds me of a lot of my friends back in secondary, every minute and second was just so memorable back then, it's still very clear in my mind even now. it talks about time passes swiftly and how we ( friends ) used to burn midnight oil together to share our life, doing birthday cards together, recording the songs we used to like and so on.

there is a saying - friends come by season, in different season we will meet different people. sometimes we can't just hang on too much to the old memories. it's true about that, we just need to keep on going and praying the best for each other at the different corner of the earth. come back to this singer, i got to know him when he came to 1 of the school camp for his mini concert, sharing his thoughts about this song. he gave up his singing career to pursue his studies. i used to think that it's kinda wasted to give up that but sometimes we just need to face the reality, i do think that he also thinks the same way.

a lot of people may not know him but for me, he is a talented guy, with a soft, sweet and familiar voice, his name is 陳穎見 . it takes me quite some time to search for this song, listen to the lyrics attentively and i hope that it brings back some of your precious memories. enjoy.


Wednesday, January 13, 2010

just a little bit..

sometimes people say 'do the right thing at the right time'. well, i think i am not doing it right now.'s ok once in a while, i guess. should really concentrate studying for my pathphys colloq now, juz little bit left, only the case but now i m blogging after so long, about half a year, never really set my hand in my blog again, juz checking out others' blogs, more interested in reading.

well, what will you do if u are in a position to deal with life? it ain't easy i guess. bit by bit, i m learning, to grow more. basically, i m running on faith in my life now. sounds emo? hmm..maybe, maybe not. juz a little bit confession here when i dun really feel like talking to others.

i guess it will take a long time till my next update in my blog. so juz wanna share a clip which i juz found out. a dude from singapore, no doubt, talented. i like talented guy.

a song by eric clipton, he sings a better version in his own way, enjoy...


Monday, July 13, 2009


currently doing my attachment now in the hospital. new hospital, so, nice hospital din think that it could be that hectic doing attachment in 2nd year since some seniors told me that doing attachment in 2nd year is nothing. needa be there around 6.30 am everyday and ends at bout 4 to 5. living a life like a houseman now but not really doing much as a houseman. doing rounds, observing operation in OT, getting scolded by some 'knowing-it-all' housemen or MO have been my routine since the day i started my attachment. of course there are some really nice MO or even specialists who are humble, dun get me wrong.

something has been bothering me since juz now and it's seriously making me pissed off with that decision. really dun understand why the hell it happens again, the same thing which bothered me during the last summer holiday. hope it doesn't work out, same as last year. sometimes if u dun even wanna defend your ownself, then that's it, nothing much to talk bout it. i cant do anything neither. dun surrender to your own fate, strive for wat you want and dun keep saying it cant be done. it's really freaking making me pissed off. nonsense.

at the same time, cant wait for Harry Porter and the Half Blood Prince to be released on this coming thursday. well, tats it for the moment. hoping for more outing.


Friday, July 3, 2009

ice age 3 + photo shooting

brought my 2 little brothers for a movie juz now. initially thought of watching transformer 3 but ended up watching ice age 3 coz we arrived late. nice cartoon, i mean in term of funny. although i m not really fond of watching cartoon but it's considered quite nice, better than the previous 2 i feel.

later on met up some friends who are going back to uni or college tomorrow morning. it's a very bad timing everytime i m back in motherland. most of the local U's holidays end before i come back. next year onwards will be worst when we need to do attachment in Russia...sigh. my holiday...gone !!!

actually today thought of consulting a doctor because i am having a flu now. not severe but it just keep bothering me because of the influenza and before i flew back i did caught a flu. unfortunately, the clinic was not open today. so i guess i will just go again tomorrow.

went for a photo shooting session on thursday. guess wat's the theme? it's paddy field. i have been waiting to take photos of paddy field when i was still in russia. never really appreciate the beauty of it for the past 10 years staying in Kedah. going to have more photo shooting sessions...enjoy !!! o ya, starting to be more active in my flickr again. anyway, 'dao' means paddy.

- dao -

mystery of - dao -

life of - dao -


little survivor

alpha n I

jumping fan


thinking of...


pathway of life


Wednesday, July 1, 2009

one word - hot

one word - hot. i mean the weather back here in Malaysia not the girls :P landed on the 21st that day, dropped by KL for 2 days before coming bac to my hometown. met up some friends, had a hair cut and bought some books there.

din feel like blogging before this some more the line is really sucks. now waiting to start my attachment in Alor Setar's hospital. it's going to be great coz they juz shifted to a new building, all brand new. so, so, so, for the time being my daily routine is juz sleep, eat and again, sleep, eat, da da da ...

nothing much to post for the moment, i guess i just post up some photos...

clarence, me , soo yee, qing huai

pauline and kim swee

zi han

soo yee and ru yi

qing huai and soo yee


soo yee, zi han, mum, shu jing, me and ruyi